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Travelpayouts widget challenge

What Is the Travelpayouts Widget Challenge?

At Travelpayouts, we know that widgets can be super powerful tools for boosting earnings. According to our data, partners who use widgets correctly — and in combination with partner links — can increase their income by an average of 2.5 times.

With that said, using widgets may seem overwhelming, especially if you’re new to it. To flatten the learning curve and help you learn the ins and outs of using widgets, we’ve created a Widget Challenge. 

From November 15, 2022 till January 15, 2023, we’ll guide you through the process of using widgets step-by-step. All you need to do is join the challenge and complete the tasks. Make it to the top 10 of the challenge and collect your prize: a free WayAway Plus membership and/or $100 added to your balance.

Who Is the Challenge For?

This challenge is for you:

  • If you are a Travelpayouts partner, but don’t have a widget on your website.
  • If you have a website, but haven’t joined Travelpayouts yet. Just join Travelpayouts, create a content project, link your website and enter the challenge!

❓ What if I already have a Travelpayouts widget on my website?

Unfortunately, you can’t enter the challenge. We’ve created this challenge to teach beginners how to use widgets from scratch. We want to ensure that the terms are fair for all participants. Therefore, you can only take part in the challenge if you’ve never integrated Travelpayouts widgets on your site.

However, you can still participate in the prize raffle if you create a new project, link your website and integrate widgets into it during the challenge.

Why Should You Enter the Widget Challenge?

With the Travelpayouts Widget Challenge, you will:

  • Install your first widget and optimize it for conversions.
  • Learn through hands-on practice during every step of the challenge.
  • Maximize your revenue.
  • Get the chance to receive a free consultation after you accomplish all the tasks, and receive free answers to the questions that others answer for $1,000.
  • Make it to the top 10 of the challenge and win a special prize!

Ready to take on the challenge? Log in to Travelpayouts (or join Travelpayouts if you’re not a partner yet) and enter the challenge! Best of luck out there!

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